Bharat Skills

Directorate General of Training (DGT)

MSDE has opted to publish Registries of Training Centers, Courses, Teachers, and Students which are accessible via Open APIs.

Electronic Registries allow the Ministry of Skill Development to create a single source of truth on key skilling data on actors and entities for the ecosystem.

MSDE will also soon be issuing digital National Trade Certificate credentials as per a machine readable open standard .

Why build a Registry?

Registries are a programmatic interface for master data. They can operate as a layer above existing internal databases (which are otherwise not reachable to the ecosystem). Registries enable other ecosystem players and developers (public, private, and non-profit) to access data via Open APIs, and build a variety of market solutions (eg. rating applications or locator applications in different languages) to share information in the Registry for end users.

Key Features

  1. Open APIs allow machine readable (automated) access rather than just human access via portals or apps, which makes data use scalable and cost efficient for third parties. The ease of use of APIs also prevents others from creating copies of the data and serving as a separate source.
  2. Digital signatures ensure trust in the data that is shared. Digitally signed data available via these APIs brings in tamper resistance, electronic verifiability, and portability of data.
  3. Feedback allows MSDE to crowdsource inputs to and improvements to the data.

The API documentation for third party developers to read and search the Registry data is available at this link.